AI-Powered Analytics

AI-Powered Analytics

Human intuition, meet AI. Great things are going to happen

Artificial intelligence is one of the most disruptive forces in technology that we’ll see in our lifetimes. Insight Advisor in Bhavan IT Services delivers a new breed of AI that creates a powerful synergy between human intuition and machine intelligence. This is true augmented analytics, and it can raise the data literacy of your entire workforce, so smarter, bolder discoveries happen every day.

A Smarter Analytics Experience

AI is only as good as its weakest link. The full power of AI comes when it is built into the platform at a foundational level, supporting a complete range of user experiences – not a “bolt-on” or single user experience. Combining our unique associative and cognitive engine technology, Insight Advisor is your intelligent assistant in Bhavan IT Services, delivering augmented analytics that enhance just about everything you do. With unique context awareness, it provides insight suggestions, automation, and natural language interaction that help all types of users maximize their potential.

Search-based visual analysis

Auto-generate visual analyses and insights that help users see their data in new ways and uncover hidden insights, based on natural language search.

Conversational analytics

Give everyone a faster and easier way to ask questions, get insights, and make data-driven decisions with fully conversational, natural language interaction.

Accelerated creation and data preparation

Create visualizations and applications using a traditional build process, with chart suggestions, association recommendations, and other smart functions that speed time to insight.

Real-time advanced analytics

Deliver the power of data science to business users, allowing them to interactively explore and refine context, updating calculations in real-time from both Bhavan IT Services and third party engines.

An open platform to accelerate AI-powered insights

Business logic and machine learning

Customize the behavior of Insight Advisor using business rules, and further enhance insights with machine learning that learns from user behavior and other inputs.

Build whatever you can imagine

Need a custom solution that doesn’t yet exist? Rapidly develop custom analytics apps and build new augmented capabilities through a full set of open APIs.

A robust ecosystem of AI solutions

Tap into our vast network of pre-built, certified partner and developer solutions to extend AI-powered capabilities from visual to voice and beyond.