Embedded Analytics

Embedded Analytics

Bring the power of insight to any application, product, portal, workflow or process

What is embedded analytics?

Embedded analytics seamlessly integrate analytic capabilities and content into business applications, products, websites or portals. It lets users quickly access relevant data and insights in their daily workflows without slowing down and switching to use a separate analytics application. This makes it easier for organizations to empower employees, customers, suppliers and partners with the information they need right where they work to answer questions, make better decisions and take action faster.

Embedded analytics examples

Our complete embedded analytics platform gives you the flexibility to meet any use case – now and in the future.

1. External portals

Securely provide customers, partners, and other stakeholders with relevant insights into your business ecosystem to optimize processes, drive innovation, and increase the value of your relationships.

2. Business applications and processes and applications

Help employees make better decisions by embedding analytics insights right at the point of decision within the applications (ERP, CRM, HR, etc.) and processes they focus on every day.

3. Public websites

Elevate your web and mobile user experience with interactive analytics to surface data-driven insights and enhance knowledge sharing while deepening interest and engagement.

4. Commercial software products

Boost revenue, drive adoption, and get to market faster with best-in-class analytics, visualizations and dashboards that add the insight and context your customers crave.

A modern platform for world-class embedded analytics

Take advantage of the industry’s leading data analytics platform, purpose-built to embed intelligence anywhere. Easily combine any data source, no matter how large, and create powerful embedded data analytics seamlessly integrated into your users’ workflows, from simple widgets and web mashups to fully custom embedded analytics applications. Fine-grained APIs, a complete library of rich visualizations and our uniquely powerful Associative engine lets you put information in exactly the right context to help users make faster, more accurate decisions.