Automate your business processes and improve collaboration with a SharePoint Solution

SharePoint Solutions range from collaboration services, project management, and document and content management, to Business Automation, business intelligence, and analytics. Leverage communication with a collaboration platform and team collaboration tools. Get increased efficiency and productivity with a project management system that tracks KPIs with a business intelligence system, or manage documents using a document management system. A SharePoint solution offers:

Bhavan IT Services can work with you to develop unique SharePoint document management solutions. We help you achieve your business objectives by executing the necessary solutions that are offered in SharePoint. Branding, document management, advanced searches through vast amounts of content, and seamless business automation solutions are all possible with SharePoint product development, and Bhavan IT Services is ready to streamline your SharePoint experience.

What SharePoint Solutions Can Do

Aligning your people and processes is simplified with SharePoint. Collaboration is key, and SharePoint acts as a gateway that unifies access to all of your enterprise information and applications. The comprehensive framework also allows organizations to create, maintain, and modify any type of solution required to meet their business needs while reducing complexity and cost.

Businesses can reduce IT and overhead costs, and optimize resource allocation with SharePoint. Business intelligence is imperative in growing a company, and SharePoint can consolidate all business information into a single location. By collecting all business information, and including the powerful SharePoint Enterprise Search, employees can easily find documents by searching by keyword.

Bhavan IT Services can help you manage business processes and improve communication with the implementation of SharePoint’s built-in modules, such as document libraries, task management, discussion boards, workflows, alerts, reminders and more.

When used properly, SharePoint collaboration can increase workforce productivity, enhance business efficiency, and improve ROI.

Content Management System

Employees often need to collaborate and exchange information, which is simple with SharePoint. Project management relies on being able to access the right information quickly to reach operational success. SharePoint’s built-in features and modules provide the perfect ECM system. Bhavan IT Services will help you explore SharePoint’s ECM capabilities and provide you with the right solution to meet your requirements. With Bhavan IT Services SharePoint custom solutions, you’ll be able to create libraries and pages that you can edit on the go, centralize your information for quick retrieval, easily distribute information, and enable dynamic review process.

Document Management System

Businesses create information in various document formats – such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. With that ever-increasing mountain of information, searching for a single document can be time-consuming and cumbersome without a SharePoint document management solution.

Your information also needs to be secure and protected from unwanted viewers, which is possible with SharePoint. Content management systems on the platform offer complete document control.

Bhavan IT Services will create a document management system with administrative rights, which ensures document security by enabling protected access and locking down information. Centralized SharePoint document management also enables users to add and revise documents from a single location, ensuring easy search capabilities, and reduced duplicated tasks. SharePoint enterprise search solutions truly make it easy to search through huge pools of content.


SharePoint workflow management streamlines business processes so your team won’t miss any details. The automated process reduces labor and ensures that users know exactly what to do and where to find the information and documents they need.

Bhavan IT Services is skilled with SharePoint Business Automation, and can implement simple and complex workflows.

For example, SharePoint workflow management can be set up to route the right documents to the right people for approval, send timely reminders, allow for dynamic review capabilities, and track the progress of overall work.

Bhavan IT Services also implements sequential workflows, and creates customized workflows tailored to your unique business structure and processes, to harness the full power of SharePoint business automation.

Alerts & Reminders

Your employees deal with a multitude of tasks, projects, and priorities on a daily basis. Keeping track of the numerous assignments, meetings and timeframes can be difficult. With SharePoint enterprise resource planning features such as alerts and reminders, your employees will be automatically notified of upcoming deadlines and scheduled events, ensuring they arrive and complete their work on time.

Bhavan IT Services has implemented SharePoint enterprise resource planning solutions in several of our clients’ systems. Our solutions enable users to keep track of priority items and more efficiently manage tasks around their unique schedules.

Dashboards & BI

Bhavan IT Services can give you the tools to access the right information that lets you achieve clear insights and make better business decisions. SharePoint business intelligence features provide instant snapshots of your business metrics. With SharePoint’s dashboard, you can quickly grasp information in a single view, and use that information to leverage effective, performance enhancing actions for your business.

Bhavan IT Services has successfully delivered innovative SharePoint BI solutions using the software’s built-in features, and unique customizations when required. We can help you gain a deeper understanding of your business by implementing efficient tools such as charts, MS PowerPivot, Excel, and scorecards that visualize and organize the information you need in easy to understand packets. SharePoint BI solutions can create a unique competitive advantage for your business by streamlining processes. SharePoint CRM capabilities can also be customized to create insights into customer relationships.

ArrowEvents Calendar

SharePoint events calendar solutions can help your team remain aware of new and upcoming events. You can use the events calendar to plan meetings and special occasions, and alert your employees about deadlines and milestones instantly from a single location.

Discussion Board

Avoid lengthy, never-ending email chains with a built-in SharePoint discussion board, so you and your coworkers can share information, discuss topics and communicate from a central location. With SharePoint discussion boards, you and your team can remain on the same page at all times, and each user can create customized views depending on his or her own tasks and assignments.

Enterprise Search

SharePoint Enterprise Search solutions enable you to search and locate specific documents in a vast pool of content, as well as search for information within documents. With a SharePoint Search solution, your employees can access company information like never before.

Bhavan IT Services dedicated team of professionals can further enable faster, more advanced search capabilities in SharePoint Enterprise Search, by defining scopes and implementing tools such as crawling, meta data, and search keywords.